Historically informed bows


Historically informed performers


I write these pages mainly to share my experience in the world of ancient bows, and provide you -if possible- a starting point for your own studies and insights.
Moreover, I am also happy to show you my production of historically informed bows.

Please feel free to contact me for any question or discussion,

Antonino Airenti

email antonino@airenti.it 

 Mobile, Whatsapp and Telegram +39 3402361521

May I introduce myself?

I was born in Genoa in 1960. My interst in luthiery dates back to 1978 and after many years of professional violinmaking, since 1995 I focused my attention on baroque bows.

I tell you stories

In this section you 'll find some of  my articles about the world of period bows.

The workshop

I share the workshop with Silvio Ferretti (guitar and banjo maker) and it's just aside the workshop of Alessandro Lowenberger (viol and baroque violin maker).

My production

I like making bows either of the violin family and the viol family from the late renaissance to the classical period.