The workshop as it is today...

I share the workshop with Silvio Ferretti (guitar and banjo maker) and it's just aside the workshop of Alessandro Lowenberger (viol and baroque violin maker).It is not very close to Genova's center, but it's easy to reach: its about 500m from the A12 motorway Genova Nervi exit , and a ten minute walk from the Genova Quinto train station.  As a guest sometimes we have Francesco Ganci (aka Pipe Ganci) turning out his pipes.
Besides my own production of baroque bows we offer a broad range of workshop services:
  • Bows rehair and repair
  • Repair, set up and maintenence of all stringed instruments
  • We also brew a very good Coffee!

Silvio and me "file sharing"
Silvio Ferretti
Alessandro Lowenberger
Francesco "pipe" Ganci

Me and Federico

... and the workshop as it was

In 1982 I set up my workshop together with master luthier Federico Löwenberger (Alessandro's father), and we had been working together for more than 30 years at the time of his death in 2013. It may sound funny, but we explored many aspects of luthiery alongside our production of historically informed instruments and bows, with the same approach, we also made double basses and electric guitars, and even nowadays I really like setting them up properly! Through the years we had friends come to work with Federico and me, among whom Silvio Ferretti, Gianmaria Assandri, Alessandro Lowenberger and Paola Parodi (my wife) who helped me so much in recording original bows. And Also Valentina Montanucci, Chiara Segaliari, Maurizio Vella, Marie Eve Geeraert who co-worked with us.

Gianmaria Assandri
Paola Parodi
Valentina Montanucci
Marie Eve Geeraert
Chiara Segaliari
Maurizio Vella